What is Yijing?(1)

Yijing Encompasses Everything

Yijing or I Ching (the Book of Changes) summarizes the entire laws of the universe by which everything is governed and carries explicit directions on how man should conduct himself so as to remain continually in harmony with these laws.

Why Yijing can encompass everything? Why Yijing could become the general root for the Chinese culture? Why all the faculties of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, Chinese medicine, acupressure therapy, Qi-gong, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, food therapy, etc., have come from Yijing? Why Yijing is able to give guidance over problems encountered in both physical and spiritual matters? Why Yijing is the integration of natural science and social science? Why Yijing is an important source of Hegel’s dialectics, Marx’s Dialectical materialism and other philosophic theories and ideologies? This is just because Yijing is the summary of the entire laws of the universe.


Yijing and the Fate of China

Yijing has historically been the soul of the Chinese nation. The establishment and development of the Yi Academy by ancient sages and its acceptance by more and more people are red threads run continuously through Chinese prehistory and history from the earliest origin and development of the Chinese culture and civilization.

Guan Zi, a Philosopher and politician of the Spring-Autumn period (770-475, BC), made a very noteworthy remark: ” A nation of thousands of generations must have treasures of thousands of generations for keeping the nation”. He used the ancient Chinese history of thousands of years and his own experience to prove: “Yijing including the Tao of Yin-Yang is exactly the treasure.”

Kang Youwei, a famous scholar of the late Qing Dynasty, also mentioned that the Chinese people have been capable to live together as “the world’s greatest nation”, as “one of major unified country”, and ” to preserve their civilization of 5000 years”. In his opinion, the fundamental reason for this is that ” there has been a soul of the nation to master the people” and ” the soul of the nation is the national spirit with Confucianism at the core “, which had ultimately come from Yijing.

Besides Yijing, was there anything else that could be the treasure of thousands of generations and the soul of the nation? What else could withstand all tests over such a long period of time? Naturally, none other than Yijing! Because of this, the Chinese nation and Yijing are closely related in the common fate.

All the disasters and recessions experienced by the Chinese nation, in the final analysis, have been resulted from some distortions of the foundation of the Chinese culture and the soul of the nation-Yijing. Thus, to revitalize China, it is necessary to revitalize Yijing.