What is Yijing?(3)

Yijing and Mankind

As the source of wisdom, Yijing belongs to the whole of mankind. By the 17th century, it had been misused for a long time as a “divination book” in the East and gradually lost its grace. However, it began to shine on the West as soon as it was introduced into the new world.

With the spread of Yijing over the West, Leibniz and Hegel became the representatives of the first generation of western philosophers to re-find the truth of Yijing. With their achievements, such as Differentiation and Integration Mathematics, Binary System, Dialectics and others, they elevated the study and application of Yijing to a new altitude in which the latecomers have surpassed the old-timers and established a solid foundation for Western science’s surpassing Chinese as well as for modern science and technology.

Based on this foundation, the progress of modern science and technology have accelerated rapidly to drive the modernization of Western economy and society, which has engulfed the world and is becoming today’s globalization wave.


Future Development of Yijing

As today’s world entered its post-industrial era, the mechanical scientific paradigm with experimental analysis as its fundamental methodology has been close to its limit.

Since the late 20th century, the organic scientific paradigm with systems integration as its fundamental methodology is moving towards integrating the modern scientific disciplines. Following the pioneering effort of Albert Einstein, contemporary scientists are trying to unify the modern physic disciplines, on the basis of the modern philosophy with Germany dialectic at its core, but eventually they failed to do so. While trying to seek a way to avoid such a failure, an increasing number of scientists have found that more and more achievements in all fields of modern science have confirmed the laws of the universe summarized in Yijing. They have given stronger and stronger supports to Yijing as the philosophical basis of the organic entirety for unifying the highly developed disciplines.

According to the history and logic of scientific paradigm evolution: chaos integration – experimental analysis – systems integration, the unification of more and more highly developed disciplines within the Yijing model of the universe will be an inevitable trend of the development of modern science. Either the East or the West will be able to lead this trend. As the homeland of Yijing, China does not want lose a chance to lead a new scientific revolution again. It may do so as long as it can avoid re-making the same mistake of ” being unable to find the truth of Yijing just because it was born there”.

Of course, to find the truth of Yijing is not an easy task. Yijing has been abused as a divination book for nearly 2000 years in China. The Confucian mystifying and the Skeptic belittling of Yijing have exerted an imperceptible influence on people’s thinking from generation to generation. The influence has already permeated into every corner of the Chinese society and the international academic world so that abusing Yijing as a divination book has become an obstinate habit of the people.

Thus, cleaning up the influence and habit of abusing Yijing as a “divination book” cannot be done overnight. This task requires a large number of enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals through generations to make persistent efforts. We would like use our Universe Yi web to make our efforts. In today’s world, more and more people are interested in studying, applying and promoting Yijing; more and more webs are involved in Yijing.

Unlike all the others, our website just focuses on what is Yijing: why it is the summary of the entire laws of the universe, why it is not a divination book. Our Universe Yi web opens a room for Yijing students, scholars, practitioners and fans to work together to explore and discuss the theme. Your inputs are always welcome.