Law of the Universe

Yijing as the Summary of the Laws of the Universe

Since everyone in the pre-Qing Dynasty in China and intellectuals of today have agreed that “Yijing is the summary of the laws of the Universe”, they should be able to recognize what laws had been summarized in Yijing. But they could not distinguish these laws in “Zhouyi” Yijing. Not even could they distinguish the words “Yin-Yang”. Then how does Yijing summarize the laws of the Universe? How were philosophers in antiquity able to summarize the laws of the Universe? What laws did they summarize? These are the questions people would ask coming upon the subject. This article will attempt some preliminary discussions to guide us through these questions.


How does Yijing summarize the laws of the Universe?

“Zhouyi” Yijing was a highly developed form of Yijing based on numbers, symbols and characters. The combination of these three summarizes the laws of the Universe. One of the main elements was the sixty-four numeral hexagram symbol system (numeral hexagram system in simplified term) that was used as a model of the Universe. It represents a complete system that summarizes the laws of the Universe using characters related to the hexagram and lines to guide people to adapt to these laws.

Based on this, Hook and other Yijing scholars of England had determined that the definition of Yijing was “The summary of the laws of the Universe that guides all things. It is the philosophic foundation that guides the thought and behavior of man to adapt to these laws.” It resembled the evolution of the fetus in an advanced animal that developed progressively from its primitive form.

The combination of the sixty-four numeral hexagram symbol system and line hexagram character system of the highly developed “Zhouyi” forms the logic that precisely reflects the historical development of Yijing from numeral system to numeral-symbol system and to numeral-symbol-character system. In fact, in conjunction, the production of tools started from the use of rudiment stone to fine stone, then to the use of only fine stone and later to a combination use of stone and metal tools. The summation and expression of the laws of the Universe by Yijing had in fact went through such syllogism in history. The progress and development of this syllogism exactly happened in concurrence with the three ages in pre-historic time of Fu Xi, Shen Nong and Yellow Emperor Dynasties.

Large amount of relics and traces had been found at the sites of these Dynasties as proofs of their existences. From the archeological study point of view, some scholars have already recognized that Fu Xi Dynasty existed in the new-stone age about 8000-7000 years ago during the early ” Lao Guan Tai” and ” Fei Li Kan” civilizations at the sites of Gansu Great Bay and Henan ” Wu Yang Gui” lake; Shen Nong Emperor Yen Dynasty about 7000-6000 years ago during ” Yan Yin” and ” Da We Ko” civilizations, at the sites of Xi An Ban Po, Lin Tung Jian and Da Tung Zi, Liu Lin, Da Wen Ko; The Yellow Emperor Dynasty about 5000 years ago, during late ” Da We Ko” civilization and “Lon San” civilization at sites of “Lu Xian Lin Yan River”, “Zu Chen Chian San”, “Ning Yan Province Bao To Village and “Han San Province Jia Taan” . Archeological and scientific researches are the two indispensable pillars for ” Yijing as the summary of the law of the Universe”. At the time when researches in modern science were obviously increasingly supporting this assertion, development in archeological researches in the three Dynasties of pre-historical time also provided more evidences to support this assertion.

In the course of systematically collecting, organizing and analyzing large quantities of unearthed archeological materials, we selected cultural items like scholastic tools and architecture remnants as the focal point of our study. Not only we studied their forms, decorative patterns and cultural dynamics in time and space, we also studied their background knowledge and the dynamics in time and space of technological strength. From here, we discovered changes in the forms and decorative patterns of each tool resembled the biological metamorphosis of every living being. They contained intrinsic knowledge data and technological strength that generated logic concurrent with historical sequence.

The logic in Yijing study developed in a similar way in historical sequence. As long as using the logic compatible to the development of Yijing and the genealogy of knowledge and dynamic in technological capability occurred in the same historical chronology, we can transmute the forms and decorative patterns of each important tools and systematically organize them into a biological form of metamorphosis. Not only it allowed the changes of all kinds of tools to cross validate with the history of human civilization inscribed on them, it allowed them to be able to cross validate with reliable historical literatures.

Through such a twofold proofs on a series of important tools – the cross-reference on the forms and decorative patterns of these artifacts, their background information and scientific capability; the cross-reference between data from artifacts and data on documents, we have the required and sufficient evidence, to prove that based on logic and chronology in history: Since the early stage of the new stone age, around the up-stream and mid-stream area of the Yellow river, from the north to the cities along the embankment of Liao River, eastward to the sea, southward mid and down stream of Chanjiang River, westward upstream of the Yellow River, past inhabitants had the unique ways in accepting and applying Fu Xi numeral hexagram system as a body to define time and space and knowledge in practical science. Through gradual active cultural exchange in different areas and as they progressed, they successively hurdled through the three stages in the three eras and accomplished the use of numeral system to numeral-symbol system and to numeral-symbol-character system. It spurred China civilization in unifying pluralism using its unparalleled super life force and highest development standard to pilot the beginning. We have prepared to introduce a system a series of important tools of dual proofing, This is a simple explanation on some important results.