Canada Society of Yi Jing (the Book of Changes) General Meeting Minutes

Canada Society of Yi Jing (the Book of Changes)

General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Attendance: Honghai Deng, Mingxia Huang, Ivy, Shuxun Li, Jing Wang

1. The Canada Society of Yi Jing general meeting called to order by Honghai Deng at 2pm

2. Approval of last general meeting minutes by Society members.

3. Chairperson Report – Honghai Deng -The plans of New business in 2016.

1) Honghai Deng’s 32-volume work on The Origin of Sciences and Civilization in China, Volumes 1 and 2, have been published. In 2016, the society will focus on these textbooks; try to finish the English Version and ensure the Chinese version of its Volume 3 and 4 to be published.

2) Around the goals, we will continue to offer more lectures or classes,, such as: What is the Yi Classic and Yi Lore, Yijing and Confucianism, Yijing and Taoism, Yijing and Mohism, Yijing and philosophers, Yijing and Buddhism, Yijing math, Hexagrams and Binary math, Yijing study and astronomy, Yijing study and the mechanics, Yijing study and chemistry, Yijing study and physics, Yijing study and biology, Yijing study and science, Yijing study and Chinese characters, Yijing study and philosophy, Yijing study and aesthetics, Yijing and management, psychological Yi, Yijing and Chinese medicine, Yijing and Feng Shui, Yijing and Qigong, Yijing and literature, Yijing and life, Fu Xi Yi, Shennong Yi, Huang Di Yi, Lianshan Yi, Gui Cang Yi, Zhou Yi, Yijing and politics, Yijing and mathematical logic thinking, and so on.

Based on the experience in the last Seminar in university, we will try to prepare the Intermediate Seminar Series: New and Old Evidence of Interpretation of Original Meanings of Zhou Yi.

To prepare the institute course materials for future regular class,we will try to organize audience groups, facilitate self-study, discussion and application, while trying to make lecture tapes for recording the lectures.

3) To prepare for the Ancient Chinese philosophy and Technology graduate small class.

4) To develop Sinology exchange activities with renowned domestic and foreign institutions such as Harvard, McGill University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Zhengzhou University, Shandong University, Beijing Normal University and other universities.

4. Discussed how to carry out activities to complete these plans, propose the following method for funding:

1) To cooperate with the Confucius Institute, organize Casino volunteers to work and raise money;

2) To set up the society account to collect donations and publish on the website later.

3) To collect membership fee. (The proposal was not approved).

5. Shuxun Li talked about his experience for Yijing study. He encourages everyone to learn by themselves before and after workshops;

6. Financial Report – didn’t submit by the Treasure.

7. Directors – Election of Members

Approval of new director board of the Society of Yijing:

Association for Year 2016-2018:

Chairperson – Honghai Deng

Vice Chairperson – Jianhua Zhu and Xiang Wu

Secretary – Mingxia Huang

Treasurer – Andy

Website supporter – Winston Zheng, Jing Wang

8. Society Annual Report – need updated

9. Next meeting date – to be decided

10. Society general meeting adjourned at 3:40pm.

Minutes submitted by Mingxia Huang


Canada Society of Yijing (the Book of Changes)